The Book Of Life: 2-D sequences

Ancestor Luis Design (Jorge Gutierrez)

 Rough Storyboard (board artist not known)
So the images above: final character design for Ancestor Luis by director Jorge Gutierrez, and the rough board drawing below it, are examples of the assets that I worked with for these particular scenes. It was my job to put the board drawings on model, posing the characters appropriately and pushing things where I could in an effort to plus what was already there. The layouts were a challenge, but a ton of fun to work on!
Board to Final Comparison (board artist unknown)

Ancestor Louis Poses (rough and cleanup) 
 Ancestor Carmelo Poses (rough and cleanup)
 Ancestor Jorge Poses (rough and cleanup)
The images above are examples from each of the scenes in this particular sequence of the film that I worked on. The designs for Ancestors Luis, Carmelo, and Jorge are by director Jorge Gutierrez. The other roughs and cleanups are by me.

Rough Board (board artist unknown-rough characters Jorge Gutierrez)
 My cleanup and color 
 Character Roughs (Jorge Gutierrez)
My cleanup and color
These two shots were a surprise when my family and I saw  the film this past weekend. Working remotely meant there was much of the production that I never got to see. I wasn't sure where these would appear and it was awesome to finally see how they fit in to the film.
Needless to say, it was an absolute honor to be part of this movie and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have played a small part in such a special film.